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HEAT CRAFTECH gives the solution for blow forming machine to decrease the utilization of energy. Blow shaping machine is a particular assembling process by which empty plastic parts are framed and can be combined. It is likewise utilized for framing glass bottles or other empty shapes. The blow shaping procedure starts with liquefying down the plastic and framing it into a parison or, on account of infusion and infusion stretch blow forming (ISB), a preform. The parison is a cylinder like bit of plastic with an opening in one end through which compacted air can pass.

The parison is then cinched into a form and air is blown into it. The gaseous tension at that point pushes the plastic out to coordinate the shape. When the plastic has cooled and solidified the shape opens up and the part is launched out. The expense of blow shaped parts is higher than that of infusion formed parts yet lower than rotational shaped parts.


• 100% Guaranteed perfect custom fit.
• Significant sound reduction (as efficient as most hard covers).
• Most economical solution.
• Durable, long lasting important materials.
• Easy do it yourself installation.
• 100% flexibility for 100% serviceability.