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HEAT CRAFTECH gives the solution for straw-extruders machine to decrease the utilization of energy. Straw Extruder machine is a particular assembling process by which empty plastic parts are framed and can be combined. It is likewise utilized for framing glass bottles or other empty shapes. The straw-extruders procedure starts with liquefying down the plastic and framing it into a parison or, on account of infusion and infusion stretch blow forming (ISB), a preform. The parison is a cylinder like bit of plastic with an opening in one end through which compacted air can pass.

The heat waste solution on barrel heater of straw extruders is a great and successful experience by HEAT CRAFTECH .


• 100% Guaranteed perfect custom fit.
• Significant sound reduction (as efficient as most hard covers).
• Most economical solution.
• Durable, long lasting important materials.
• Easy do it yourself installation.
• 100% flexibility for 100% serviceability.